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About Our School

Windsor Park School is a purpose built school for the deaf, situated in west central Falkirk, approximately one mile from the centre. It provides Falkirk Council's services for pupils with a significant hearing loss at nursery, primary and secondary stages. Pupils from Stirling, Clackmannan and other authorities, who require a high level of support, are also admitted to Windsor Park. As one of three schools for the deaf in Scotland, it is uniquely placed on the campus of a primary and a secondary school. Pupils integrate into these establishments, with support, to a greater or lesser degree depending on individual needs.

National qualifications are delivered through Total Communication incorporating speech, audition, lip reading and Sign Supported English. British Sign Language is also introduced at an early stage to facilitate communication variations and needs.

All teachers are qualified Teachers of the Deaf who work co-operatively with colleages, parents and pupils to provide a supportive, relaxed and happy environment. The school also works closely with Speech and Language Therapists, ENT departments of local hospitals and other agencies to establish the best provision for hearing impaired pupils.

The Sign Language Tutor provides classes for all associated staff, families and pupils. When possible, mainstream pupils and parents are given the opportunity to attend. Video Conferencing facilities and a videophone have also been installed.

The visiting teachers from the Hearing Impairment Service and Visual Impairment Service are based in, and managed from, Windsor Park School. These teachers support children and families from diagnosis to school leaving age making visits to pre-school, primary and secondary pupils in their local mainstream establishments.