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Primary Pupils

Working within the four capacities of a Curriculum for Excellence, Windsor Park pupils are supported and challenged to achieve their potential in line with their mainstream peers.

From P1 to P7 the pupils are integrated, with support, into Bantaskin Primary School where the staff and pupils are both welcoming and accommodating.  All children take part in the PE classes in Bantaskin, however, the level of integration depends on the needs of the child and can vary from one or two sessions only to full time integration with a few backup sessions from the Windsor Park teachers.

Children can integrate socially at interval and lunchtime as playground facilities are shared by both schools.  Lunch is provided in Bantaskin Primary and pupils are fully supervised by the SAs.

All the children come together for assemblies, parties etc. and take part in positive behaviour initiatives.  Pupils and staff who wish to learn to communicate with our deaf pupils are given the opportunity to attend sign language classes.  These are very popular classes and always have a long waiting list

If and when appropriate, pupils may transfer to their local primary school supported by a teacher of the deaf.

Link: Bantaskin Primary School Website