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Secondary Pupils

Working within the four capacities of a Curriculum for Excellence Windsor Park pupils are supported and challenged to achieve their full potential in line with their mainstream peers. All secondary pupils integrate into Falkirk High School, for as many subjects as possible, with support from a teacher of the deaf or a Support for Learning Assistant(SfLA).  Staff may support deaf pupils with lipreading, note taking or alternative communication.

The SfLA role varies depending on the nature of the additional support needs. When time allows they may provide support in practical classes where pupils who have a visual impairment may benefit from alternative strategies or modifications to equipment etc.  They may also keep the mainstream class on target giving the class teacher time to work with these individual pupils and small groups of children, developing and improving skills for their particular subject.

At the end of S1, Course Options are chosen through consultation with the young person, parents/carers and career officers. Pupils follow a full or modified curriculum as appropriate leading to accredited SQA qualifications.

As with primary pupils, a programme of study for R.E. and sacramental preparation is available for Catholic children.  All other pupils follow the RME Course provided by Falkirk High School.

Parents who wish to exercise their right to withdraw their children from religious instruction and observance should contact the school, in writing, and alternative arrangements will be made for the child.