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Windsor Park's Sensory Room

What is a Sensory Room?

A Sensory Room is a place where children with special needs can explore and develop their senses and skills. The multi-sensory room can have many different features ranging from soft play areas, padded floors and walls and interactive equipment which make dramatic changes to the sensory room environment using sound, lighting and fragrancing.

What are the benefits of a Sensory Room?

A Multisensory room can engage children who can learn through play. From following bright lights, shapes and patterns with their eyes to pressing buttons to make the sensory room change colour or even change colour to music. Users will become interested in their environment. Also due to the flexible functionality of the multisensory room it can also be used to calm and de-stress.

What is the concept of a Sensory Room?

The concept of a Sensory Room (also know as a Multi-sensory room) is quite simple, place a person with special needs in a pleasant environment where the distractions of the outside world are completely absent, present them with, music and attention grabbing moving colours and shapes and then add the ability for the person to actually make things happen that are so dramatic that they cannot be missed and you have the building blocks of real progress. 

Children become interested in their environment. The overactive can be calmed, the inactive become interested. The partially sighted can see the vivid moving colours. Those mobile can chase the slowly moving images. The whole room can change colour by applying pressure to simple switches or pressure pads. Colours can move or change simply by making a noise and for those with severe special needs the sensory room can be set to automatically change programs, giving a constantly changing and interesting environment that is probably the most pleasant environment they have ever experienced even if all they can do is lay and enjoy it!

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