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In Windsor Park School the pupils are taught using Total Communication, which incorporates speech, lip reading, audition and Sign Supported English (SSE).  Sign Supported English was chosen as the manual element, through consultation and discussion with parents, pupils and staff.  However, we have a large selection of BSL resources, including books, videos and computer software to further develop signing skills with pupils and staff.  In addition, the Sign Language Tutor (SLT) provides weekly BSL classes for pupils and staff.  All associated staff  have achieved CACDP BSL Stage 1 and many have achieved Stage 2.  Classes are also available for Windsor Park and Bantaskin Primary parents to increase deaf awareness and encourage inclusion at all levels.  As numbers are limited, priority is given to parents and families of Windsor Park pupils.

Secondary pupils have an opportunity to do the CACDP Stage 1 & 2 in 3rd or 4th year.

Staff and pupils from both Bantaskin Primary and Falkirk High are given the opportunity to develop signing skills at lunchtime and after school sessions.  Sign Language Classes are also provided for members of the community as requested.  We have provided classes for the police, nursery nurses and social work staff.

Within the cluster, P7 pupils are given the opportunity to develop basic fingerspelling and sign language skills to improve communication between deaf and hearing pupils on transference to Falkirk High School.

The Falkirk Council Sign Language Interpreter is available for assemblies, prize giving and other functions as requested.