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Mission Statement

At Windsor Park School we work with families and associated agencies to educate pupils so that they can integrate fully as confident, independent and responsible members of the community in which they will live and work.

School Aims

  1. To provide: -
    1. A high quality education service for pupils with a sensory impairmentt
    2. A welcoming and stimulating environment in which effective learning and teaching can take place
    3. A balanced and varied curriculum in line with Falkirk Council and National Guidelines;
    4. Appropriate resources which facilitate and enhance the delivery of the curriculum
  2. To have high expectations of pupil performance thereby constantly striving to identify ways of providing challenge and raising attainment.
  3. To motivate pupils through praise and appreciation of effort, self/peer assessment and positive attitudes.
  4. To improve communication between D/deaf and hearing communities thus reducing isolation for children and parents and positively encouraging inclusion at all levels.
  5. To raise awareness of sensory issues with mainstream teachers, schools and associated agencies to reinforce partnership and unity in the education of our pupils.
  6. To maximise the benefits of integration through joint planning, support for pupils and liaison with schools and nurseries in Falkirk Council.
  7. To keep abreast of local and national developments to enhance the quality of learning and teaching.
  8. To actively encourage parents to be involved in the education and planning for their children.