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Primary Three Events

Edinburgh Castle

Matthew went with his P3 class in Bantaskin to Edinburgh Castle after learning all about it's history. As you can see it was a very dreich (dull, drizzly) day.


The Buzz

Back in October Matthew and his P3 class raised funds by running a Halloween Shop for the rest of Bantaskin and Windsor Park as part of their 'Enterprise' topic. The class decided to spend the money on a well deserved trip to The Buzz in Falkirk. They walked from the school, along the canal to The Buzz on Monday 14th June. It was a great success and the children had a ball as you can see!

Mini-beast Talk

To finish off the P3 mini-beast topic Matthew presented a class talk all about millipedes. He used  a clear, loud voice and was extremely well organised.

Here are some photographs of Matthew presenting his talk.